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Within Europe, there are several subsidy opportunities up to as much as 50% of the purchase price. We can find out the subsidy opportunities for you through our local representatives.

Below are the subsidy opportunities within the Netherlands.


VEKI focuses on individual companies in the industry carrying out projects for their own account and risk. The Netherlands must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% in the coming years compared to 1990. The aim of the subsidy module Versnelde klimaatinvesteringen Industrie (VEKI) is to support investments in tangible and intangible assets of industrial companies that make a cost-effective contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. CO₂ emissions or other greenhouse gas emissions in the Netherlands. With the deployment of IoT, around 15 tonnes of CO₂ can be demonstrably and measurably saved per 100 tonnes of waste.


DEI+ is a grant scheme aimed at supporting projects that test new innovations in the field of energy and CO2 reduction in practice, often in the form of pilots or demonstration projects. This grant is intended for innovations for which most of the research has already been completed. Examples of such projects include testing an Ecodigester on a real site, setting up a pilot plant and, above all, implementing Ecocreation's technology in industrial processes.

Moreover, our industrial production lines are designed to operate on waste heat, which provides additional opportunities for subsidy applications.


When a company invests in an asset that leads to reduced CO2 emissions, it is eligible for the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) scheme. This allows the company to deduct 45.5% of the investment cost from profits, resulting in a reduction in taxable profit.

Moreover, the EIA scheme also applies to our industrial production lines, which can operate on waste heat. If the proceeds are used for renewable energy generation, there are additional opportunities for tax deductions.

The advantages:

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Organic waste

becomes a valuable raw material: compost

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Less waste

so less costs

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Less transport

so less pollution

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Less fertilizer needed

thus less depletion of fossil resources and less pollution

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reduce your CO2 emissions

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Proud employees

involved relations/suppliers and enthusiastic customers

Trusted by:


Igle Sipma

“With Ecocreation's composting machine, all our organic waste is converted into compost and we as La Place close the chain in a sustainable way”

Tim Can

“Working with the Ecocreation composting machine offers our clients a meaningful daytime activity and has a positive influence on their self-esteem”

Leonhart Eichner

“Ecocreation's composting machine is an essential part of our Closed Loop System that we offer our customers”

The New Turn Foundation

“Ecocreation's composting machine is extremely suitable for making industrial buildings more sustainable in an efficient and simple way”

Paul Berntsen

“I make Bakkerscompost from the organic waste from the bakery. So not only do I save money, my waste is even profitable.”

B. Driessen – Hotel manager Van der Valk Akersloot

“By using the Ecocreation composting machine we turn our waste back into raw material, we reduce our CO2 emissions and we save considerably on our disposal costs”.

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