How it works

The Ecocreation Eco-Digester works on the basis of a special bacterial culture that is heat, salt and acid resistant – the secret behind the unique fast effect.

The advantages:

How it works

Organic waste

becomes a valuable raw material: compost

How it works

Less waste

so less costs

How it works

Less transport

so less pollution


Less fertilizer needed

thus less depletion of fossil resources and less pollution

How it works


reduce your CO2 emissions

How it works

Proud employees

involved relations/suppliers and enthusiastic customers

Trusted by:


Igle Sipma

“With Ecocreation's composting machine, all our organic waste is converted into compost and we as La Place close the chain in a sustainable way”

Tim Can

“Working with the Ecocreation composting machine offers our clients a meaningful daytime activity and has a positive influence on their self-esteem”

Leonhart Eichner

“Ecocreation's composting machine is an essential part of our Closed Loop System that we offer our customers”

The New Turn Foundation

“Ecocreation's composting machine is extremely suitable for making industrial buildings more sustainable in an efficient and simple way”

Paul Berntsen

“I make Bakkerscompost from the organic waste from the bakery. So not only do I save money, my waste is even profitable.”

B. Driessen – Hotel manager Van der Valk Akersloot

“By using the Ecocreation composting machine we turn our waste back into raw material, we reduce our CO2 emissions and we save considerably on our disposal costs”.

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