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Your solution for sustainable reduction of organic waste flows.

Whether you have a lot or less organic waste, Ecocreation offers a solution for every situation.

Our standard range consists of four Eco-composter with a processing capacity of 30 to 200 tons per year. In addition, we also produce larger machines for situations where a processing capacity of 200 tons per year is not sufficient.

The solution
The solution
The solution
The solution

Interested? Ecocreation helps you with all steps of the process

We map your waste flows, give an indication of the cost savings and payback time of the Eco-Composter, we look at how you can best fit the machine into your business process, we install the machine and instruct employees about its use, we deliver the necessary peripheral equipment and we think along with you about communication towards your stakeholders.

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Igle Sipma

“With Ecocreation's composting machine, all our organic waste is converted into compost and we as La Place close the chain in a sustainable way”

Tim Can

“Working with the Ecocreation composting machine offers our clients a meaningful daytime activity and has a positive influence on their self-esteem”

Leonhart Eichner

“Ecocreation's composting machine is an essential part of our Closed Loop System that we offer our customers”

The New Turn Foundation

“Ecocreation's composting machine is extremely suitable for making industrial buildings more sustainable in an efficient and simple way”

Paul Berntsen

“I make Bakkerscompost from the organic waste from the bakery. So not only do I save money, my waste is even profitable.”

B. Driessen – Hotel manager Van der Valk Akersloot

“By using the Ecocreation composting machine we turn our waste back into raw material, we reduce our CO2 emissions and we save considerably on our disposal costs”.

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